April 22, 2018

works that Emi has helped to bring into the world

2018 Premieres

Flo Menezes                     Miser3re                     02/21/2018       NYNME

Silvio Ferraz...

November 1, 2017

Big 🙏thank you to The Flute View and Barbara Siesel for the review of 💔Amour Cruel💔 in their November issue!

❤️"a genre breaking, spectacular work of art!"❤️

✨"this album is one of the most original and interesting I’ve ever heard"✨

October 28, 2017

 Announcing two upcoming NYC shows:

November 2nd, 2017

9:30 PM

Joe's Pub

Thurber Theater - a night of wonder curated by the one and only Michael Thurber

featuring me, Lauren Henderson, Karan Kendrick, Tessa Lark, Louis Cato, and members of the Late Show with Stephen Colbert...