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Fly The Coop

Bach Sonatas and Preludes

An album by Emi Ferguson and Ruckus


"blindingly impressive" and "a fizzing, daring display of personality and imagination"

- The New York Times


Release and deliver date, June 2019


"What if you took Bach out of the museum?" On Fly The Coop Emi Ferguson and Ruckus breathe new life into Bach's Flute Sonatas and Keyboard Preludes - allowing an evolution for the 21st century that grooves so hard we know that Bach himself would've grabbed a beer joined the jam!

Fly The Coop: Bach Sonatas and Preludes (Physical CD)

  • Help us take flight!

    We might make it look easy, but there are many costs associated with producing a commercial album, from recording costs, instrument rentals, mixing/editing/and mastering costs, promotion and marketing, to musicians performance fees, a project like this is a major financial undertaking. If you'd like to add an additional $ amount to your order to help support the creation of Fly the Coop we will be the most grateful little chicklets!


    We know you'll have just as much fun listening to this album as we had making it! Please select from the product options before adding to your cart for your desired amount. Thank you!

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