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Emi Ferguson

Collaborations with other composers, artists, performers, and creators push me forward.


Recent collaborations and developments include Roscoe Mitchell, Michael Hersch, Christopher Cairns, Matthew Aucoin, Tyson Davis, Sarah Small, Matthew Evan Taylor, Emily Koh, Caleb Hudson.

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Michael Hersch

development and world premiere of a new work for solo flute *Unwrung, Apart, Always, delving deeply into the widest range of expressive possibilities available to the flute, voice, and body

world premieres of new works and arrangements

*Cairns Hanging Sculptures, for flute, violin, and cello   [2021]

*Fantasia, an arrangement after Gibbons, for flute, violin, and cello  [2021]

*premiered amongst the sculpture of Christopher Cairns


Roscoe Mitchell

in collaboration with the Metropolis Ensemble, Ruckus, and the Immanuel Wilkins Quartet

development of a new work by Roscoe Mitchell featuring early instruments alongside contemporary jazz instruments that can be performed together, and apart.

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Matthew Aucoin

in collaboration with
AMOC and LA Opera

Filmmaker Blackhorse Lowe's new short film features a musical score by Matthew Aucoin and poetry by Jake Skeets, a Navajo artist—like Lowe—who grew up in Gallup, a city known as the ceremonial capital of Native America.


Matthew Evan Taylor

in collaboration with the Metropolis Ensemble and the MET Museum

The first installment of Matthew's 12 part series "Postcards to the MET" a set of improvisatory compositions for remote musicians.