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My Personal Requests


Fingering charts - horizontal please. The flute is horizontal….so I’m not sure why so many fingering charts are vertical.

No 8va for flute players please! Give us all the ledger lines!


Music Layout

Vertical, not landscape layout please if possible. For me, this is because I usually use my iPad to perform and you cannot do 1/2 page turns in landscape format.


List all auxiliary instruments required at the beginning of the part (front page) and at the top of the first page of music.

Please please please make your score look nice and big enough to read on an ipad. Attention to detail goes both ways and is much appreciated!

Flutist - flautist? Which one is it?

I generally just say "Flute Player" and avoid the issue. Growing up in England I always said "flautist" (flawtist), but when I moved to the US, found that people said either "flutist" (flewtist), or "flautist" ( ow!) and were very opinionated about which one to use. It doesn't really's just playing the flute. The confusion comes from the fact that the French spelling is "flutiste" while the English is "flautist".

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