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works that Emi has helped to bring into the world

2018 Premieres

Flo Menezes Miser3re 02/21/2018 NYNME

Silvio Ferraz Calando 02/21/2018 NYNME

Alexandre Lunsqui Telluris Heat 02/21/2018 NYNME

Yu-Hui Chang

+Sebastian Hilli 04/06/2018

Ileana Perez Velasquez

Ben Hackbarth Lockstep Variations 04/09/2018 NYNME

*Nina C. Young Vestigia Flammae 04/20/2018 Ensemble Echappé

Jonathan Dawe Astonishing Angels 04/20/2018 Ensemble Echappé

Phil Taylor Snowlight 04/20/2018 Ensemble Echappé

*Michael Hersch Violin Concerto 04/20/2018 Ensemble Echappé

Timo Andres Upstate Obscura 04/21/2018 Metropolis Ensemble

* New York Premiere

+ US Premiere

2017 Premieres

David Lang. Anatomy Theatre 01/07/2017 ICE

Timo Andres Britten Songs, arr. 06/03/2017 New Vintage Baroque

Passionate Pilgrim Oracle Hysterical 01/17/2017 New Vintage Baroque

Ray Lustig Semmelweis 09/11/2017

Emi Ferguson Amour Cruel 09/14/2017

Emi Ferguson Septet 09/27/2017 Juilliard 415 Flutes

Michel Galante Camouflage 10/20/2017 Argento

Jerome Combier Conditions of Light 10/20/2017 Argento

Yunxiang Gao Chaos 10/27/2017 NYNME Samuel Yulsman Fabrication 10/27/2017 NYNME

Pablo Rubio Vargas Transnaturalizacion 10/27/2017 NYNME

John Yu KRE 10/27/2017 NYNME

Uzong Choe Kumiri 10/28/2017 NYNME

Jun-Hee Lim O-U-Ga 10/28/2017 NYNME

Richard Carrick Sandstone 10/28/2017 NYNME

Chaya Czernowin 10/28/2017 NYNME

Sang Song Scars 12/05/2017 Argento


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